MyPass . Blockchain for people experiencing homelessness in the Austin area.


Hoy traemos a este espacio el proyecto surgido de un Hackathon, MyPass Austin. Para este proyecto, Dell Med está trabajando con la Ciudad de Austin y el EMS del Condado de Austin-Travis.

Blockchain was an attractive technology for this program because it is secure in nature and allows for data to be available anywhere with internet access, said Dr. Anjum Khurshid, assistant professor and director of data integration at Dell Med’s Department of Population Health. “As a medical school working with the community to help innovate and rethink health, we are interested in new things that can solve old problems.”

Tina Monroe rests at an underpass with her husband, John Michael Daisy, and their dog, Bug, in April in East Austin. Vía MyStatesman

MyPass usa blockchain para darles a los residentes sin hogar una clave digital privada, desde la cual pueden almacenar de forma segura y acceder a los registros personales en cualquier momento, divulgar información a los proveedores de servicios y mantener sus registros. La clave digital, en reemplazo de la documentación física, idealmente mejorará la capacidad de las personas sin hogar para obtener servicios de salud, continuidad de la atención y acceso a nuevos programas.

Austin’s Innovation Office will spend most of the next three weeks compiling and assessing the solutions that teams of area programmers and digital creatives came up with to use blockchain technology to solve the city’s chronic homelessness issues.

A total of 75 participants grouped into seven teams spent last weekend working on the Mayor’s Blockchain Challenge hackathon, designing components of a way for those experiencing homelessness to have ready access to their identification information, relevant documents and other important personal details through blockchain’s protected technology.

The hackathon was put on with the Innovation Office, Mayor Steve Adler and the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas and was the next step in the city’s bid for the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge, which will award grants of $1 million and $5 million to cities with innovative solutions to problems.

Store Documents Digitally, Access Services Instantly

No more running around to collect records and identification

MyPass was born from the 2018 Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge Program. The original proof of concept was built to serve people experiencing homelessness in the Austin area.

The streets of Austin aren’t an easy place to live. Important personal documents are often lost or stolen, and without them, people experiencing homelessness have difficulty accessing services like healthcare, employment, and housing. Local support for the project led us to expand our vision to all of Austin.

Imagine an Austin where complicated paperwork, folders full of documents and miles of red tape are a thing of the past. Imagine an Austin where access to essential services is simple, secure and convenient for everyone. That’s what we’re building with MyPass.

State-of-the-art security and privacy

MyPass uses blockchain-based technologies to ensure you are always in control of your records, and you decide who gets to see them.

Blockchain technology allows us to digitally scatter your records and give you the only key to bring them back together again. Nobody, not even the city, can access a single piece of your records without your explicit permission.

Accepted city-wide

If you have ever struggled to find the paperwork you need just to see a doctor, or to get essential benefits, you know how disruptive it can be to you life.

MyPass is accepted by most essential city services, so you don’t have to jump through hoops just to take care of the basics.

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