@untraceableinc presents Blockchain Futurist Conference


Welcome to the future of Blockchains. August 15–16 Toronto

The countdown is on

Hoy traemos a este espacio a la Blockchain Futurist Conference que presenta Untreacable … al más puro estilo americano, bajo el slogan Welcome to the future of Blockchains. que se celebrará August 15–16 en Toronto.

…y muchos más

About The Conference .

Announcements, Launches, Debates, and Predictions for the Future of Blockchains.

The 2-day conference is located in Toronto Canada, the birthplace of ethereum and home to thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and hundreds of blockchain startups. August 15, 2018 — August 16, 2018

The objective of the Blockchain Futurist Conference is to discuss trends and the future of blockchain technology. The sessions are focused primarily on special announcements regarding new tech start-ups, investments, partnerships, research, and overall upcoming trends and predictions in the sector.

Venue: Rebel Entertainment Complex, 11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4

Immersive Venue .

$50 Million Sounds & Lighting System

The most epic blockchain stage will have you captivated by the presentations. The facility is conducive to meet attendees, speakers, and sponsors while still watching the main stage from multiple levels and booths. Unlike other cookie cutter events — Blockchain Futurist Conference is professionally designed for fostering conversations, networking, and deal-making throughout the entire duration of the conference — you get the best of both worlds: networking + presentations.

Be the first to know .

New Trends, New Businesses, New Ideas

Listen to top leaders discuss the future of blockchain technology. Learn about new trends, new businesses, and new ideas that are going to revolutionize multiple industries. Special announcements and launches will take centre stage. Controversial topics, new research and popular trends will all be discussed and debated. In the era of acceleration it is vital to bring together forward thinkers to learn and build the future.

Blockchain & Crypto Bootcamp .

Learn the fundamentals

Stage #2 will feature a Blockchain & Crypto Bootcamp.
- Set-up your wallet
- Learn about exchanges, trading, and investing
- Understanding different cryptocurrencies
- Best practices for security and storage
- Blockchain 101 Panel
- Drop by ask-an-expert booth
- Bitcoin ATMs Available on-site
- Bootcamp included in $20.00 Balcony View + Expo Pass

Buy $20.00 Expo Pass

Tech Demo Competition .

Upcoming ICOs demo their tech

Top upcoming ICO’s demo their technology and pitch to a panel of investors and industry experts.
- Competition takes place on Thursday August 16th.
- Prizes include investment, services, and ad credits on CoinMarketCap

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